Stipendiaten im Hauptprogramm der Herzog August Bibliothek 2018

Name Thema
Fabrizio Baldassarri
A History of Plant's Life. Transforming the Anima Vegetativa between 16th and 17th centuries
Anna Chisena
An Unknown Manuscript of Basinio Da Parma's Hesperis: The Codex Guelf. 55 Weissenburg
Sébastien Coté (Ottawa) German Travelers to the Province of Quebec in the Late 18th Century

(Leiden) 2017/18

The Soul and the Printer: a Profitable Partnership in Early Netherlandish Printing, c. 1475-1520

Gerard González Germain
The collection of inscriptions of the Bolognese humanist Giacomo Giglio (Cod. Guelf. 631 Helmst.)
Matthew Growhoski
Satire and Secret War: Literary Violence in the Age of Reformation
Andrea Guidi (Freiburg)
The Reception of Machiavelli's Military Ideas in Sixteenth-Century Europe: Circulation of Books, Thought and People as Cultural Transfer Processes
Helen Hattab
Substances, Unities and Universals in 16th and 17th Century Philosophy
Georgiana Hedesan
The 1624 Clavis of Paracelsus's Archidoxis: Historical Context and Alchemical Meaning
Sabine Herrmann
Wege des Kulturtransfers nach Europe: Die venezianischen Konsulatsärzte (ca. 1500-1700)
Peter Hess
Nikolaus Federmann's Indianische Historia: An Account of the Violent First Contact in Venezuela
Andrey Ivanov
Meeting on the Elbe: Anton Ulrich, Peter the Great and the Origins of the Russian Empire
Stephanie Leitch
Vernacular Viewing: The Art of Observation in Early Modern Prints
Benjamin Marschke
Early Enlightenment Anti-Intellectualism in Frederick William I's Prussia (1713-1740)
Annett Martini
Eine Rhetorik der Schrift? Der Wolfenbütteler Pentateuch (Cod. Guelf 3 Helmst.) und seine Einordnung in die aschkenasische Pentateuchtradition des Mittelalters
Silvia Ottaviano
Cod. Guelf. 70 Gud. Lat. und Cod. Guelf. 404.8.4 Novi: Text und Glossen
Michael Pickering
(Re-)Negotiating the Magical Universe: Investigating the Importance of the magia naturalis in the healing arts, 1670-1750
Maurizio Pirro
Die Lustspiele von Johann Elias Schlegel im Kontext von Lessings Hamburgischer Dramaturgie
Jacomien Prins
A Well-tempered Life: Music, Health and Happiness in Renaissance Learning
Tricia Ross
(St. Lucia)
Sacred Script: Medicine and the Bible in Early Modern Europe
Iolanda Ventura
(Bologna) 2017/18
Zur Rekonstruktion der Geschichte des Schriftencorpus des Pseudo-Mesue
Enrica Zanin
Pleasurable books as ethical training: The collections of novellas in the Ethica section of the Herzog August Library