Stipendiaten im Hauptprogramm der Herzog August Bibliothek 2019



Maria Avxentevskaya
(Berlin) 2019/2020

The Physician's Album Amicorum in the Context of Humanist Knowledge Networking

Anna Brasch

Kurioses Erzählen. Zur Transformation der kurzen Erzählprosa 1650-1850

Derek Cooper

Philip Melanchthon's Commentary on Proverbs and his Ancient Sources

Julie Davies

Women, Witches and Plants: The Place of Horticulture, Herbalism and Botany in the Lives of European Women 1300-1850

Vera Faßhauer (Frankfurt) 2019/2020

Wissenschafts- und ideengeschichtliche Hintergründe der Medico-Theologischen Schreibpraxis Johann Christian Senckenbergs

Adam Fijalkowski

Wissensgeschichte und Wissensorganisation im Speculum maius des Vinzenz von Beauvais O.P. (+1264)

Allen J. Grieco
(Mercantale Valdarno)

Platina's De Honesta voluptate et valetudine and its 16th century fortuna in the German speaking world

Rodrigo Guerizoli Teixeira
(Rio de Janeiro) 2019/2020

John Duns Scotus on Substances, Distinctions and Separability

Stefano Gulizia

The Baltic Plymath Nicolaus Andreae Granius (ca. 1569-1631): Late Humanism, the Politics of Knowledge, and Aristotle's Science of Nature in 17th-Century Helmsted

Alessa Johns

The German Invention of English Studies

Carina Johnson

Matters of Appearance: Identity Markers and Complexion in Sixteenth Century Europe


Designing liturgical books in Drukarnia Łazarzows (Officina Lazari) in Krakow. Polish printing in a European context

Hideki Kitamura

The manuscript tradition of the Hieronymus' letters - two cases of the manuscripts conserved at the HAB

Tiina-Mall Kreem

Christian Ackermann - ein Tallinner Phidias, arrogant und talentiert

Zoe Langer

Dante in the Museum: Portrait Albums and the Foundation of Italian Literary History (1400-1800)

Daniel Margocsy

Stable Collections: The Equine Origins of Museums

Lia Markey

Stradano's Nova Reperta and the Renaissance Representation of Invention and Globalization

Päivi Mehtonen

The Lutheran Underground in the North. The Reception of Jacob Böhme's Work in Sweden and Finland ca. 1780-1830

Mikhail Mikeshin
(St. Petersburg)

Discourses and Narratives of Mining in the Enlightenment

Gregory Miller
(Canton) 2019/2020

The Road to Armageddon: Islam in the Christian Apocalyptic Imagination, 1500-1700

Raphaële Mouren

The humanist in 16th century German editions of Cicero

Kristoffer Neville

Topographical Publications and the Origins of the Literature of Architecture, 1550-1770

Kaarina Rein

Ancient and Early Modern Ideas and Vocabulary in the 17th Century Medical Works of the University of Tartu

Jaya Remond
(Paris) 2019/2020

New Flowerings: Nature and the Business of Picture-Making in Early Modern Northern Europe

John Romey
(Shaker Heights)

Communal Tunes and Counter Poison: Popular Song and Confessional Identities in Early Modern France

Federica Rossetti

The reception of Seneca and Persius in the 16th Century: Stoic ideas through Early Modern Paratexts

Camilla Russo

Connection between latin and vernacular rhetoric in two manuscripts of Herzog August Bibliothek of Wolfenbüttel

Christoph Schmitt-Maaß

Die Jansenismus-Rezeption in Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel 1640-1710: buch-, kirchen- und ideengeschichtliche Analysen

Arne Spohr
(Bowling Green)

Black Court Trumpeters and Kettledrummers in Early Modern Germany

Luca Tonetti

Giorgio Baglivi's fibre theory in 18th-century German medicine

Michael Wögerbauer (Prag)

Computergestützte Erschließung der Akzessionsbücher der HAB - eine Fallstudie anhand des Registraturbuchs der Akzessionen (HAB CodGuelf BA1 1100 und CodGuelf BA 1 1002)