Allen J. Grieco

During my stay at the HAB I intend to examine the reception in German lands of one of the most important Italian humanist texts on food and dietetics: the De Honesta voluptate et valetudine by Platina (i.e. Bartolomeo Sacchi). The fortuna of Platina in Germany seems to begin with Latin editions printed north of the alps, followed by at least one German “translation” published in 1530 but actually a highly simplified and abbreviated text meant for a less sophisticated public. This German adaptation reveals a vernacular publication strategy similar to what happened in France, where a translation of Platina was published in 1505 (Platine en françois). The German version of Platina merits comparison with both the original and the well-studied French one, in order to reveal areas in which Italian food culture did not “translate” into other areas of Europe.