Anneli Luhtala

Continuity and Change in Northern European Grammars from the Late Middle Ages to the Early Modern Period

I am currently working on the early Humanist grammars composed in England in the early sixteenth century. The tradition of Latin grammars written in English in the fifteenth century is well researched, and the most famous Humanist grammars, those composed by William Lily (c. 1468-1522) and John Colet (1467-1519), were written in this tradition. However, the first Humanist grammar composed in England was written in Latin (1483), by the grammar master of the Magdalen College, Oxford, John Anwykyll. It has received hardly any scholarly attention, and this is also true of the other Latin grammars written in Latin in the early sixteenth century England, such as the Rudimenta grammatices (c. 1512) composed by Thomas Linacre. I am preparing articles on the early Humanist grammars in England for a digital handbook on early modern grammars, edited by myself and Dr Aino Kärnä, University of Helsinki (