Barbara Dietlinger

In my dissertation, I explore the role music and visual art played in commemorative culture (Erinnerungskultur) in Early Modern Central Europe (1611-1733). In particular, I examine how material sources (scores, documents, documentation of musical performance, fine art) enabled the reconstruction of lieux de mémoire (cf. Pierre Nora). This project will elucidate how music contributed to commemorating different political and religious anniversaries, peace treatises, war sieges, and so on. The adjacent polities of the House of Wettin, Welf, and Habsburg as well as the Dutch Republic serve as a framework for music’s place in institutional and private commemoration. The state apparatus of Wettin Saxony, Welf Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, the Habsburg Empire, and the United Provinces commemorated different political and religious anniversaries, such as the centenary of the Reformation in 1617, peace treatises, such as the Peace of Westphalia/Münster, 1648, or personas, such as war heroes or members of the aristocracy.