Derek Cooper

Translation of Philip Melanchthon’s Explicatio Proverbiorum

I am translating Philip Melanchthon’s 1555 Explicatio Proverbiorum, “Commentary on Proverbs.” Philip Melanchthon, a German reformer and university professor who served as a trusted colleague of Martin Luther in Wittenberg, was among the most prominent figures of first-generation Protestantism. Not only did he pen the first official systematic theology of the Protestant tradition and serve as a primary author of foundational Lutheran confessions, but he also made contributions in theological education, ethics and philosophy, ecclesial diplomacy, language study, and exegetical commentary. Despite his prominence, however, there are no extant translations of his commentaries of the Old Testament in English. My research at HAB allows me to inspect different editions of Melanchthon’s commentaries, locate and identify the frequent literary allusions that Melanchthon makes in Greek and Latin, consult contemporary sixteenth-century manuscripts, and draw comparisons between Melanchthon’s work and that of his peers.