Felix Racine

Editing ancient geographers in the age of the printing press

I am interested in the transmission and edition of ancient geographers in the 16th and 17th centuries, particularly Pomponius Mela’s Chorographia (1st c. AD), Dionysus of Alexandria’s Periegesis (2nd c. AD) and Solinus’ Collectanea (3rd-4th c. AD). By focusing on these minor works rather than the prestigious geographies of Strabo and Ptolemy I examine the strategies employed by editors to make geographical texts relevant to early modern readers. The Herzog August Bibliothek contains 22 editions of Mela, 13 of Dionysius and 26 of Solinus, which allows me to investigate change over time in editors’ use of commentaries to explain or supplement the information given by ancient geographers. I also examine and compare editors’ choice of maps to illustrate ancient geographers, to what extant the maps content differed from the ancient texts, and how maps were reused in different editions of ancient geographies and other texts.


Website: https://trentu.academia.edu/F%C3%A9lixRacine