Gregory Miller

The Road to Armageddon: Islam in the Christian Apocalyptic Imagination, 1500-1700              

Luther and his circle had interpreted both Daniel and Revelation to include prophesies that the Turks would be allowed dominion for a time, but then would be destroyed immediately before the Last Judgment. However, as a result of the failure of the second siege of Vienna in 1683, these interpretations made in early Lutheranism seem to have faded away. In this project, I am using the extensive collection of sermons, Bibles, and biblical commentaries in the HAB to trace the breakdown of the early Lutheran consensus and to explore confessional variations of in views of the role of the Turks in the Last Days. I am particularly interested in the relationship between Christian apocalyptic and political events, especially how the changing geo-political situation may have shaped Scriptural exegesis.