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Hanna Mazheika

From Text to Network: Confessional Contacts and Textual Exchange between the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Britain, c. 1560s - 1660s

The project explores confessional networks and their textual sources, the circulation of religious ideas and the channels of cultural exchange between the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Britain in the 1560s-1660s. By focusing on two methods of transfer of ideas – the presence of correspondence and the circulation of printed books – it seeks to reveal the extent to which the religious identity of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania was transformed by cultural exchange with Britain and will draw attention to the continuing influence of the circulation of texts and ideas between Western and Eastern Europe on religious developments in both parts. The research replaces the nation-based approaches to religious change in the Grand Duchy of Lithuanian by considering this state as one of the important actors of the Reformation movement on the European stage during the age of confessionalization.