Janika Päll

I'm studying the context of Gregor Krüger's (Gregorius Crugerus Mesylanus) poetry. Mesylanus ('Middlewood-Man') had been born in Mittenwalde (Brandenburg) and studied in Wittenberg, but later became a citizen in Reval (Tallinn, Estonia). As an author of several poems in Greek and Latin (from the 1550ies), he should be honoured as the first humanist poet of Estonia. My goal is to know more about German practice of Humanist Greek orations, which is the background of Mesylanus'es Greek theological oration (Carmen de dignitate et excellentia doctrinae coelestis, printed in Wittenberg between 1551-1557). Secondly, I'm studying his collection of 5 Greek poems and a Latin elegy (written in Berlin, but sent to the City Council of Reval) as an example of exile poetry, where the old and the new homeland have already switched places and where student travel has become a banishment from home. This project a part of my research on Humanist Greek in the Baltic Sea area