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Jason Rosenholtz-Witt

My dissertation examines the mediation and circulation of music through social and professional networks in and surrounding the Venetian Republic from 1550-1650 with an emphasis on peripheral cities and institutions in Bergamo, Graz, and Ljubljana. In so doing, I challenge established narratives of early modern music history that limit centers of influence to larger cities such as Florence and Venice. Tracing and studying separate print and manuscript music partbooks helps me understand and reevaluate the production and spread of music from forgotten musical centers to other parts of Italy and to German-speaking lands. By documenting the dissemination of a pan-Italianate musical style toward Graz and Ljubljana through the movement of both physical musical objects and ephemeral ideas, my research reveals a complex and international network of musicians, composers, artists, poets, patrons, religious figures, and diplomats engaged in musical production.