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Jeff Rider

I am at work on a book for a general readership on the golden age of the county of Flanders from the advent of Count Baldwin V in 1035 to death of Count Baldwin IX in 1205. Focusing on the reign of Count Charles the Good and tentatively entitled The Life and Murder of Charles the Good, Count of Flanders (1119-1127), the book is intended to be an introduction to the High Middle Ages for non-specialists. Three manuscripts at the Herzog August Bibliothek are related particularly to this project: Cod. Guelf. 212 Gud. lat. (Katalog-Nr. 4517), a collection of canon law and episcopal correspondence from the bishopric of Thérouanne; Cod. Guelf. 1 Gud. lat. (Katalog-Nr. 4305), one of the earliest copies of Lambert of Saint-Omer’s Liber Floridus; and Cod. Guelf. 41 Weiss., a fifteenth-century miscellany containing a copy (to which Lessing devoted an article) of the fifth version of the Genealogia comitum Flandrensium.;