Jeroen Luyckx

Hans Liefrinck I (c. 1515-1573). Antwerp Printmaker and Publisher in a Dynasty of Printmakers

This doctoral project deals with the output, family and social milieu of Hans Liefrinck I (c. 1515-1573), an Antwerp printmaker and publisher in a dynasty of printmakers. As the European dimension of what we call the renaissance is closely related to the development of printmaking and publishing, a lot of research remains to be done on prints and their producers. By broadening the scope to print publishers rather than to focus on one specific type of imagery or on the isolated output of an artist, researchers are able to ask refreshing research questions about the cultural environment and the socioeconomic processes behind the production, distribution and collecting of early modern prints. By concentrating on the Liefrinck family, this doctoral research fills a major gap in the literature on early modern printmaking and publishing in the Low Countries.

During my fellowship at the Herzog August Bibliothek, I will study all prints and books published by Liefrinck and his competitors, and evaluate the position and function of these materials in this historic collection.