Kaarina Rein

Ancient and Early Modern Ideas and Vocabulary in the 17th Century Medical Works of the University of Tartu

I am working on the medical disputations and orations of the 17th century University of Tartu and my aim is to study the wider background of these works. The main focus of my research is on the text „Disputatio physico-medica votiva εἰς ἱέρωμα surgenti jam Dorpati novo collegio regio”, compiled by Johannes Raicus (1580?–1632) in 1631. One of the themes reflected in this work is that of mineral waters and their chemical analysis in the 17th century. Thus my specific interests are the works of Hippocrates, Paracelsus, Martin Ruland and Daniel Sennert, as they are frequently quoted in the medical works of the University of Tartu. It can be assumed that these authors have an impact on the medical vocabulary used in the disputations as well and my aim is to give a proper context to the medical works of Tartu on the background of early modern European medical thought and medical vocabulary.