Lia Markey

My project at the Herzog August Bibliothek explores Johannes Stradanus’ famed late sixteenth-century print series, the Nova Reperta. Designed in Florence and printed in Antwerp, the twenty engravings represent post-classical novelties.  I question what Stradano’s prints can inform us of the conception of invention and cross-cultural encounter in the Renaissance. What was considered “new” in the Renaissance?  Who created change and technological innovation? 

During my fellowship at the HAB, I will focus on studying sixteenth-century publications related to invention, novelty, agriculture, and the organization of knowledge in an effort to examine in more depth the textual and visual sources for and context surrounding Stradano’s enigmatic prints. Furthermore, the HAB houses extraordinary albums of Stradanus’s engravings necessary for comparative analysis. Finally, I also aim to study the library’s unique organization to consider a possible correspondence between the conception of Stradano’s engravings and the way in which the early modern book collector developed the order of his collection.