Lisa Voigt

The Epistemology of the Copy in Early Modern Travel Narratives

This collaborative project (with Profs. Stephanie Leitch and Elio Brancaforte) explores the epistemological function of copied images in disseminating information and shaping stereotypical perceptions of the non-European world in the early modern period. The project aims to show how the conventional and repeatable nature of prints contributed to the development of visual literacy and to the circulation of images of non-European peoples and places that would provide the basis for colonial projects and imperial self-imaginings. We are pleased to launch the project at the Herzog August Bibliothek under the auspices of a DAAD short-term fellowship (June 2019) and an ACLS Collaborative Research Fellowship (2019-2021, At the HAB, I am focusing on illustrated editions of accounts of the Americas and Africa (Oviedo, Thevet, Leo Africanus, Ramusio, de Bry), drawing on my previous research on narratives of travel, shipwreck, and captivity in the Atlantic world (