Paulina Pludra-Zuk

Late Medieval Reception of Aurora, a Biblical Paraphrase by Petrus Riga, in Polish Territories

Aurora – verse Bible written by Peter Riga by the end of the 12th century – belongs to the most popular texts of the later Middle Ages. Its importance is attested i.a. by a great number of extant copies (almost 500 manuscripts all over the world) and numerous quotations in medieval literature. Combining the Bible with poetic form, the text played an important role at different stages of education.
In my research I am trying to establish paths of dissemination of the text in Polish territories and trace back the origins of Polish copies in order to create a map of relations between different intellectual centers. One of threads leads to HAB. The second part of my research aims at getting a more precise picture of the complex role of the text in medieval education and intellectual life in Poland. I will try to establish it by a close examination of manuscript reading evidence.Żuk