Rosalind Lintott

The reception and circulation of Pliny’s Naturalis historia and its medieval imitations 

I am interested in the reception of classical natural history in the Middle Ages, and in particular in the reworking of Pliny the Elder's Naturalis historia for didactic purposes. My focus at the Herzog August Bibliothek is on Codex Extrav. 160.1, a copy of the Defloratio naturalis historiae by the twelfth-century educator Robert of Cricklade. The prefatory material for this work, and for other treatments of Pliny's writings, form the literary core of my project, which is linked to my doctoral work completed last year at the University of Cambridge, on the subject of the geographical books of High Medieval encyclopaedias. I am also interested in the use of medieval recensions in the early modern period, and will be investigating the ownership history of this manuscript, particularly as relates to the collection of the prolific bibliophile Zacharias Conrad von Uffenbach.