Stefano Gulizia

The Baltic Polymath Nicolaus Andreae Granius (ca. 1569 – 1631): Late Humanism, the Politics of Knowledge, and Aristotle’s Science of Nature in 17th-Century Helmstedt

The aim of this project is to outline the life, work, and views of the Swedish mathematician Nicolaus Andreae Granius (ca. 1569 – 1631), and to focus, in particular, on his documented impact against the background of the university of Helmstedt at the beginning of the seventeenth century. This project also aims to account for the fact that later articulations of Aristotelian learning in Protestant schools such as the Academia Julia help to reconstruct a mutual influence, both theoretical and curricular, of logic and natural philosophy at the close of the Renaissance. Granius anchors a variety of polycentric developments that intersect the history of early modern universities, the wider European context of Aristotelianism, and the importance of printed and scribal technologies.