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Toshihiro Takamura

Preaching the Gospel in a Time of Unrest: Martin Luther’s Biblical Hermeneutics in the Sermons on the First Epistle of Saint Peter (1522-23) and its Reception in the Later Reformation

Martin Luther was an exegete who interpreted Scripture by interacting with other exegetes who came before him and who were his contemporaries. This dissertation project looks at Luther’s interpretation of 1 Peter by placing him in his historical, social, and cultural contexts of 1522, examines what uniquely belongs to Luther and what to the history of interpretation preceding him (the Glossa ordinaria, Nicholas of Lyra, and Erasmus of Rotterdam), and asks how Luther’s interpretation was received by other Lutheran reformers in the later Reformation (Niels Hemmingsen, Nicholaus Selnecker, Victor Strigel, and Hieronymus Weller). The study also looks at the genre of preaching and the use of rhetoric in it.