The SCRIPTO programme (Scholarly Codicological Research, Information & Palaeographical Tools) at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg strives for a systematically research-oriented introduction to the essence of the medieval and early modern written cultural heritage and prepares scholars for the scholarly research on these materials. SCRIPTO combines research and teaching in the context of an innovative and in Europe -and woldwide- singular course which finishes with a diploma of the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg.

The major manuscript libraries in Germany (Berlin, Frankfurt, Leipzig, München, Stuttgart and Wolfenbüttel) support the SCRIPTO programme explicitely.

Cooperation with SCRIPTO - Module 4: "EDV-Competence"

The Herzog August Bibliothek hosts the course participants for module 4: EDV-Competence. The module "EDV-Competence" introduces design and usage of databases for the research on, preparation and management of manuscript descriptions as well as the publication of printed catalogues and prepares for electronical and printed presentation of the results of scholarly cataloguing.

The module is organised in the HAB since 2007:

  • SCRIPTO I: 2007/2008 (together with Christiane Fritze, BBAW)
  • SCRIPTO II: 2008/2009 (together with Christiane Fritze, BBAW)
  • SCRIPTO III: 2009/2010 (together with Christiane Fritze, SUB Göttingen)
  • SCRIPTO IV: 2011 (together with Dr. Oliver Duntze, SBB-PK)
  • SCRIPTO V: 2012
  • SCRIPTO VI: 2013




Contact: Torsten Schaßan, Tel. 05331 - 808 - 130