Anneliese Speith Foundation


For many years Annliese Speith regularly donated money to support the library's programmes. In 2002 she set up a foundation in Wolfenbüttel with the sole purpose of promoting the arts and scholarship by creating funds for the use of the HAB, especially for the preservation of the costly books and manuscripts in the holdings. The foundation can take all measures appropriate to fulfil its aim of financing conservation activities at the library.



From the start the foundation has regularly funded work on the large collectings of prints and engravings in the library's holdings.


Current members of the Board are:
Dr. Gillian Bepler (Wolfenbüttel);
Prof. Dr. Peter Burschel (Wolfenbüttel);
Dr. Ulf Kapahnke (Wolfenbüttel);
Stefan Riecher (Braunschweig).