Dr. Günther Findel Foundation

Colloquium August 2013

The Dr. Günther Findel Foundation was founded in 1986 by Dr. Günther Findel, a Wolfenbüttel doctor and businessman. Dr. Findel had been closely connected with the library for many years and was one of the founding members of the Society of Friends of the HAB. The Foundation is committed to promoting research by awarding fellowships to particularly talented young scholars at dissertation level whose work focuses on the holdings of the library during their stay in Wolfenbüttel.

Several hundred scholars have been supported by the Foundation since its initiation. 

Those wishing to apply for funding should see Doctoral Fellowships.

Members of the Foundation Boards: Dr. Gillian Bepler (Wolfenbüttel); Dr. Katharina Biegger (Berlin); Professor Dr. Peter Burschel (Wolfenbüttel); Dr. Ulf Kapahnke (Wolfenbüttel); Professor Dr. Alexander Košenina (Hannover); Florian Rehm (Wolfenbüttel); Professor Dr. Thomas Scharff (Braunschweig); York Steifensand (Braunschweig);
Honorary Member: Dr. Sabine Solf (Wolfenbüttel).

A Selection Committee advises the Board. Members of the Committee are: Dr. Katharina Biegger (Berlin), Coordinator: Dr. Elizabeth Harding; Chair: Professor Dr. Alexander Košenina (Hannover); Prof. Dr. Thomas Scharff (Braunschweig).