Rolf and Ursula Schneider Foundation

The Rolf and Ursula Schneider Foundation for the Promotion of Studies in History was founded in 1998 Rolf and Ursula Schneider, who lived in Hanover. Dr. h.c. Rolf Schneider, a former Director in the Lower Saxon Ministry of Science and Culture had a very long-standing association with the HAB and its development. He was responsible for its oversight during the Directorship of Erhart Kästner and he was one of the founding members of the Society of Friends of the HAB.

Since its inception the Foundation has funded hundreds of young scholars from Germany and abroad. 

Those interesting in applying for fellowships should see doctoral fellowships.

Members of the Foundation Boards: Dr. Gillian Bepler (Wolfenbüttel); Dr. Katharina Biegger (Berlin); Professor Dr. Peter Burschel (Wolfenbüttel); Dr. Ulf Kapahnke (Wolfenbüttel); Professor Dr. Alexander Košenina (Hannover); Florian Rehm (Wolfenbüttel); Professor Dr. Thomas Scharff (Braunschweig); York Steifensand (Braunschweig);
Honorary Member: Dr. Sabine Solf (Wolfenbüttel).

A Selection Committee advises the Board.
Members of the Committee are: Dr. Katharina Biegger (Berlin), Coordinator: Dr. Elizabeth Harding; Chair: Professor Dr. Alexander Košenina (Hannover); Prof. Dr. Thomas Scharff (Braunschweig).

The Anna Vorwerk Haus, meeting place for guests and fellows