Plan of library quarters

Lageplan des Bibliotheksquartiers

1. Director's house

Conservation department

2. Bibliotheca Augusta

Director's office
Press and public relations
Manuscript reading room
Exhibition rooms
Library projects
Digitisation and photography unit

3. Lessinghaus

Guest apartments

4. Kornspeicher

Provisional stacks

5. Zeughaus

Reference library
Catalogue centre
Reference information
Local and inter-library loan
Reading room
Seminar room

6. Leibnizhaus

Conservation department
Research projects
Studies for fellows
Seminar room

7. Anna-Vorwerk-Haus

The building is currently under reconstruction

8. Meißnerhaus

Forum: sale of publications; booking office for tours and concerts etc.
Fellowship and Conference programme
Meeting room for fellows
Gesellschaft der Freunde der Herzog August Bibliothek e.V. (Society for the Friends of the Library

9. Feierabendhaus

Guest apartments

10. Kurt-Lindner-Haus

Guest apartments