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Electronic media


Books at JSTOR

The Herzog August Bibliothek now provides access to scholarly ebooks on JSTOR until 30.06.2018. The ebooks are easy to use and offer the following benefits:

-High-Quality Content: This resource offers more than 30,000 titles from leading publishers such as Princeton University Press, Yale University Press, Boydell & Brewer, and University of California Press.

 -Unlimited, DRM-free Access: The ebook chapters have no limits on downloads or printing, and there’s no need to use special   software or create a login. It’s just like using journals on JSTOR, ensuring an easy user experience.

- Integration with Journals: The ebooks are available on JSTOR alongside more than 2,400 journals. When you search on  JSTOR.org, you’re cross-searching the full text of all the resources the library provides through JSTOR. The ebooks and journals are also linked in ways that make research more efficient.

Visit JSTOR.org to start using the ebooks; when you search, you will see ebook chapter results integrated with journal articles in the search results. A title list is available at http://www.jstor.org/librarians/products/books/acquisition-models.

More about JSTOR E-Books: https://guides.jstor.org/books (including a video tutorial).

Please note that the selection of titles from the EBA-program is already complete. The program will still be accessible until 30.06.2018, although the usage affects the acqusition no longer. The selected e-books are recorded in our catalogue as usual.


New Database

The database Deutsches Literatur-Lexikon Online has been newly licensed for the HAB. The database consists of over 70.000 articles about writers from the early Middle Ages to the present and offers a variety of search terms for these articles. At the start of the database there will be 77 volumes to which two volumes per year will be added until the series is complete. Additionally five supplementary volumes will be published between 2018 and 2022 to complement the database. It will also be continuously expanded by bibliographic data from the database Germanistik Online.

User Guide (German, PDF)

New Database

The HAB has acquired a license for the database MGG Online. The database "Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart", MGG for short, is based on the second print edition of the MGG (MGG2, published from 1994 to 2008) and is continuously updated. MGG Online offers a wide scope of articles to all areas of music, as well as articles from other subjects like literature, philosophy and art.

How to use Shibboleth-Login to access electronic resources from outside the HAB network

The HAB uses a Shibboleth login to access licensed electronic resources from outside the library system. In general the login can be used from every internet connection.

Shibboleth authentification is used for the following websites:

De Gruyter


MGG Online (Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart)

Other publishers should follow and will be listed on this site.

Shibboleth is used to identify the user for the publisher. No personal data is submitted during the process, which only confirms that the user is registered with a certain institution and is allowed to access its resources.

The login is only possible with a valid library card. To inquire about the validity of your card please contact the help desk via e-mail auskunft@hab.de or phone 05331 808 312 (Mo-Fri 8-17).

Login procedure:

- Select the Shibboleth login on the publisher’s site (it may also be called login via institution) and choose the Herzog August Library from the list of institutions. In some cases the country (Deutschland, Germany) has to be chosen first.

- Enter your user number and password on the page which opens then.

- After you have successfully logged in and your authorization has been checked, you will be able to access the requested item.

- The login is active during all following Shibboleth sessions (cookies are used), unless the browser is closed in the meantime. We recommend that you close the browser completely when ending the session, especially when working from public devices, so no unauthorized person can access your personal data.

If questions or problems arise please contact the help desk via auskunft@hab.de or phone 05331 808 312 (Mo-Fri 8-17)



The electronic journals of the HAB are accessible via the Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek EZB (Electronic Journals Library).

Availability is marked with the EZB-traffic lights:

freely available

available for users inside the Herzog August Bibliothek

not available

certain volumes are available for users inside the Herzog August Bibliothek

Tip: Even for unavailable periodicals you often have access to tables of content, abstracts and/or a few numbers of the journals.

Please note: You cannot search for essays in the EZB!

Database Information System

The databases held by the HAB are accessible via the Datenbankinformationssystem DBIS (Database Information System).

Information about DBIS (in German)

Availability is marked with icons:

  freely available on the World Wide Web

  available for users inside the Herzog August Bibliothek

  CD/DVD-database is available at a single-user computer and/or can be used on loan

Germany-wide national license (only available inside the library)



CD-ROM-databases available at the HAB

The CD-ROM-databases held by the HAB can also be used via the Citrix Client at home. Online-databases, journals and E-Books are just accessible inside the library.




The HAB offers access to the journal archive JSTOR.

The following collections are licensed:

Arts & Sciences I-X

You’ll find more information about JSTOR here or in the JSTOR Quick Start Guide (PDF).

Digizeitschriften: The German digital journal archive

In the journal archive Digizeitschriften you find the core German research journals in digital form with an attached Moving Wall, so that the publication date is several months or years in the past. All journals in Digizeitschriften are indexed in the EZB and there accessible for the HAB.


The E-Books held by the HAB are indexed in the Online Catalogue and are accessible inside the library. The access is provided by the publishing company’s platform (identification with IP-address of the Herzog August Bibliothek).

New e-books: Sammlung Tusculum from de Gruyter

All 273 published titles can be found via the online catalogue of the HAB or via the publisher: collection Tusculum

Tusculum Flyer (PDF)



Of course all electronic media is also indexed in the Online Catalogue of the HAB.


Please respect the copyright when using electronic media:

Saving and printing just for personal use, no systematic download.

Don’t pass any information to unauthorized or third parties.


In case of any questions or problems please contact:

Saskia Jorzenuk

E-Mail: jorzenuk@hab.de

Phone: +49 (0)5331/808-313


Last update: 12.06.2018