Rare Books

The library´s rare books are listed in our online catalogue OPAC.

Additionally they are listed in the national bibliographical databases VD16 and VD17.

The library´s Hebraica are also recorded in the special database of Hebraica and Juridica (GBV-Version).

Our historical maps are successively being listed in IKAR.

A large part of the library´s funeral sermons are catalogued in a special database. They are also recorded in the Main Catalogue of Funeral Sermons.

The catalogue of Lutheran imprints in Wolfenbüttel documents contemporary Lutheran imprints (1513-1546).

The Virtual print room-database contains a catalogue of prints and engravings from 15th to the 19th century from the holdings of the Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum Braunschweig and the Herzog August Library Wolfenbüttel.

The library´s documentation of scholarly articles contains non-monograph publications on the early modern period.

Conventional Catalogues

These conventional catalogues are also helpful for literature searches:

  • The handwritten book-wheel catalogue of Herzog August
  • The alphabetic index for the book-wheel catalogue initiated by Leibniz.
  • Our card catalogue sorted by shelf mark. 
  • Our card catalogue sorted by language in which the books are written
  • Our card catalogue sorted by places of publication.
  • The Catalogue of the Incunabula in Wolfenbüttel by Gustav Milchsack

Printed Catalogues and Indexes