Charters and fragments


The collection contains 193 charters, notary's instruments and documents, originals. Languages: Latin, German, French, English. Date of origin: 1299-1804, chronologically ordered location.

Itemisation: Otto von Heinemann, Catalogus Diplomatum Originalium asservatorum in Bibliotheca Augusta. handwritten 1878/1879.


The library owns a vast number of fragments of medieval manuscripts. Those are to be found in part in the manuscript collections where they have been compiled loosly at first and later have been incorporated into the Novi and Novissimi collections as separate items. The by far hugest number of fragments is to be found in the bindings of rare books because the parchment has been re-used as binding or for strengthening of the binding.

In both cases the knowledge about the materials is insufficient. Because of that neither an inventory list nor more detailed information is available in the moment.

Relevant notes e.g. on digitised items shall be reported to the manuscript department.

Fragment as binding of a print
Tyrannius Rufinus, Translation of Gregorius Nazianzenus, Oratio prima, caroling. minuscle, 10th cent. (?)
HAB: J 446.4° Helmst.