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Paintings, busts, and furniture


In the various buildings and rooms of the library 150 paintings can be found which to the largest extent ornamented the Rotunde of Leibniz already. Most of the paintings are portraits of learned people and Brunswig rulers. Exceptionally are the portraits of  Martin Luther and Katharina von Bora done by the school of Lucas Cranach, furthermore effigies of the dukes Julius and August in the vestibule of the Bibliotheca Augusta and portriats of Spinoza, Bayle, Leibniz, Lessing, and Eva König.

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Catalogue: Die Gemälde der Herzog-August-Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel: Bestandskatalog / von Michael Wenzel. Unter Mitarb. von Bärbel Matthey. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2012. (Wolfenbütteler Forschungen Bd. 133) (cf. the project page).


The Herzog August Bibliothek owns some busts, e.g. of Diogenes, Hippocrates, Homer, Seneca, Socrates, Dante, Sheakespeare, Herzog August the Younger, Leibniz, Lessing, and Goethe.

Furthermore owns the library some death masks, e.g. of Lessing.


The library owns some historical furniture, e.g. from the provenance of the old palace of Salzdahlum.


The library owns some rare works of art, among them a drinking glass, the ink cask Tintenfass and a spoon of Martin Luther, some medals as well as a Copernican Tellurium, which was made by Willem Janszoon Blaeu between 1616 and 1634 in Holland.

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For the globes cf. a short description at Historical maps.