Loan requests for exhibitions

How to make a loan request

Please send your written loan request by mail to the attention of the Director of the Herzog August Library Prof. Dr. Peter Burschel at least 6 months before the start of your exhibition.


Your loan request should include:

  • Title of the exhibition
  • Duration and place of the exhibition
  • Concept and aims of the exhibition
  • Contact information and contact person
  • List of items requested giving shelf marks and pages to be displayed
  • Justification of the scholarly purpose of the loan request
  • Requests for reproductions and publication permission
  • Facility Report


After receiving your loan request we will send you an acknowledgement via e-mail.

After examining the content of your request and a postive decision on the availabilty of the item for exhibitions purposes you will, if applicable, receive a letter containing:


Our General Loan Conditions inform you about the costs that may be incurred.

By sending back the completed questionnaire and the signed declaration you agree to bear the costs and accept our General Loan Conditions .

If you comply with our requirements, you will receive a loan contract for signature.


Please note:

  • The maximum loan period for our exhibitis is 3 months.
  • We do not support travelling exhibitions.
  • Exhibits of great value or uniqueness will only be lent exceptionally.
  • Exhibits which are not transport- or lendable because of a poor state of perservation are excluded from the loan.
  • A digital reproduction will be made before Rare Books or Manuscripts are lent. The costs of 0,25 cent per page shall be borne by the lender.  
  • Courier accompanied transports cost 200 Euro per courier for the first day, each further day charges 100 Euro. The per diem for the couriers is not included.
  • We reserve the right to refuse the loan if our minimum requirements are not met.
  • We exclusively deal with Kuhn & Bülow Versicherungsmakler GmbH, Berlin in insuring our exhibits.