Interlibrary Loan

This page informs you about the possibilities of German Interlibrary Loan in general and the procedure at the HAB.


How and what can I order through Interlibrary Loan?

What can I order via Interlibrary Loan?

  • Books, articles and other media that is not available at Wolfenbüttel

  • Normally old prints and pieces out of special collections are not available via interlibrary loan, but there might be a possibility to receive copies (there may occur additional costs)

  • What is delievered and how long it takes until the books/articles arrive depends solely on the library that sends the items

How to make sure that the literature I search is not available at Wolfenbüttel?

  • Please check our online catalogue or other relevant reference works

  • If you are searching for an article please check the title of the journal/ polygraphic work, because the articles themselves are normally not included in most catalogues

What else do I need to know?

  • You have to pay the fee for every order, no matter if the item you requested is delivered or not.

  • Loan periods and possibilities to extend the loan periods depend solely on the library that sends the items and vary, please contact the loan department for all questions concerning interlibrary loan

  • It is not possible to renew the loan period via the online catalogue, if you wish to keep an item longer please contact the loan department

When and where can I place interlibrary loan orders?

  • Via the GVK, if the book/article is available in a library of the Common Library Network GBV

  • Via the  online gateway P7 if you have to order the item from another german library network (you will find a link to P7 if your search in the GVK had no results)


Online Interlibrary loan via the GVK (Common Library Network Union Catalogue)

What do I need to place orders online?

  • A valid library card

  • An interlibrary loan account with credit (opening an account and transfering credit to it is only possible during the opening hours of the loan department)

How much does it cost?

  • 1,50 Euro per order, no matter if the ordered item can be delivered or not

  • additional costs for copies and other reproductions (we assume that additional costs up to 8,00 Euro are alright for you, if that is not the case please use the field „remark“ of the online order form to let us and the library that possesses the requested material know)

Where and how do I open an Interlibrary loan account?

  • Please pay 1,50 Euro per order at the counter in the entrance area of the Zeughaus

  • Take te receipt to the loan counter on the first floor to open an Interlibrary loan account and/or put credit unto the account

  • Please contact the reference librarian during times the loan counter is closed, we will accept the receipts and your interlibrary loan order wishes and forward them to the loan department where everything will be arranged for you