Digital editions

As part of the Wolfenbuettel Digital Library (WDB) the Herzog August Bibliothek provides an infrastructure for curating and publishing digital editions. It offers both technical and scholarly assistance in modelling and designing editions of medieval and early modern sources. This offer is addressed to editorial projects that plan to work with state-of-the-art digital methods and to publish their results freely on the web, preferredly under a CC BY-SA licence.

The library encourages above all editions of sources originating from or related to its holdings. The concept of edition is understood in a rather broad sense. This encompasses editions that merely consist of a digital facsimile described by an introduction or such that provide a fully fledged traditional historical-critical text. The digital tools the library uses depend on the scholarly needs and are not fixed. Our guiding principles are that editions should be most suitable for their users, have a modular composition, allow repurposing, comply with current formal standards and fullfill exigiences of scholarly quality and reliability.

The creation of digital editions is intimately connected to the function of the library as a cultural heritage and research institution for the medieval and early modern period. The goal is to integrate editorial work into the scope of the library's activities including research projects, publications, cultural and scholarly events of all kinds, cataloguing and even acquisitions of relevant media. The library is member of the TEI-consortium and fosters exchange with experts in the field at a national and international level. By developing and supporting digtal editions the library seeks to contribute to a joint virtual research environment allowing researchers to collaborate in using digital tools, digitized sources, data and documents, either in a virtual or a hybrid way, and providing them with a means of permanently archiving their editorial work and making it accesible.


If you have questions about digtial editions please contact  Torsten Schaßan  or  Henrike Fricke. Tel. +49(0)5331/808-336, email: