Guarantee declaration

The Herzog August Bibliothek guarantees the accessibility of its digital facsimile editions of imprints and manuscripts on the Web on persistent URLs. This permits reliable quoting of entire electronic editions and single pages from them.

URLs should be quoted as follows:

  •[kind of material]/ [normalized shelf-mark] /start.htm?image=[file-name without suffix]


At present the following kind of material is provided :

mss manuscripts
inkunabeln incunabula (=imprints up to 1500)
drucke imprints (1501 to approx. 1850)
edoc digital editions
ebooks eBooks
ejournals eJournals
periodica periodical material (1501 to approx. 1850)


For example: the URL of the imprint bearing the shelf-mark Xb 4827  is and may be so quoted. Single pages (images) should be quoted as follows:

The library cannot guarantee the persistence of URLs (e.g. which are not exactly compliant with the format mentioned above.