Lessing House

The museum in the Lessing House concentrates on the life and work of the German dramatist and essayist, Gotthold Ephraim Lessing (1729-1781) during the last decade of his life, which he spent as librarian in Wolfenbüttel (1770-1781). The new exhibition rooms opened in April 2004. They place Lessing's work as a writer and scholar in the intellectual context of his times. When Lessing arrived in Wolfenbüttel, he was already a famous author - a poet, a critic, a dramatist and a scholar. It was here that he completed his drama "Emilia Galotti". In 1773 he founded a journal entitled "On history and Literature. From the treasures of the Ducal Library at Wolfenbüttel" in order to acquaint a broader public with the treasures of the library. In the winter of 1777 he moved into the Lessing House with his wife, Eva König, who was pregnant with their first child. Lessing's son was born at Christmas, but by the 10th of January both the child and his wife were dead. Lessing moved his study into the room in which his wife had died. It was here that he wrote his famous drama "Nathan the Wise".