Move/Building work

Our urgently needed new onsite storage building has almost been completed and we can start to use it. We are planning to move part of the rare-book holdings and the numerus currens (titles from 1950 onwards) into this new space. The current plan is that this will take place in September 2015. During this period, significant disruption in user services will be unavoidable. We will, however, remain open for use and try to minimize the inconvenience to readers. So that you can plan your visit effectively, we will publish an online list from which you will be able to see which holdings will not be available at which times.

We will strive to support your research and your activities in the accustomed manner. Please contact us if you have questions or problems and we will do our best to find individual solutions. Your contact person is Christian Hogrefe, Tel: +49 5331 808-339, E-Mail:

Prof. Dr. Helwig Schmidt-Glintzer