About us

Fellowship, Conference and Young Scholars Programmes 

Dr. Volker Bauer: Head of department, Conference and seminar programmes
e-mail: bauer@hab.de, tel. 05331 808-210

Uta Rohrig: Administration Conference and seminar programmes
e-mail: rohrig@hab.de, tel. 05331 808-206

Dr. Elizabeth Harding: Deputy head of department, Fellowship programmes
e-mail: harding@hab.de, tel. 05331 808- 208

Gerlinde Strauß: Administration fellowship programmes
e-mail: strauss@hab.de, tel. 05331 808-205

Sarah Janke: Foundations and communication
e-mail: janke@hab.de, tel. 05331 808-207 

Isabell Martinez: Housekeeping, Anna-Vorwerk-Haus
e-mail: martinez@hab.de, tel. 05331 808-204