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Each year around 200 guest researchers stay at the library for prolonged periods. Many of them are funded by fellowships awarded by the library or programmes associated with it. As an independent research institution the library is also a recognised host institution for many grant-giving bodies such as the DAAD, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the Gerda Henkel and Volkswagen Foundations or the Fulbright Commission. Former fellows or researchers with university funding often make shorter trips to the library to work with holdings. All these guests form the community of scholars that meets every day at 1.30 p.m. in the Anna Vorwerk Haus for coffee or at the Fellows’ Colloquium where ongoing projects are presented. The time spent together in Wolfenbüttel fosters relationships that often outlast the time in Wolfenbüttel and a large circle of alumni has developed, out of which among other things the American Friends of the HAB was formed. On the following pages you will find lists of guests who are in Wolfenbüttel at the moment, those who have been here recently or those we are expecting soon.



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