Aneta Kubalová

The preaching activity of the Lutheran community by Saint Salvator Church (1609-1622)

My research project focuses on the preaching activity of the Lutheran theologist Matthias Hoë von Hoënegg (1580-1645), who is famous for his influence at Dresden court (he was the main preacher/Oberhofprediger and stood in close contact to Johann Georg I, Saxon elector). With regard to his prolific literary activity, esp. sermons, I am analysing the applied narrative strategies in relation to his hostility to Calvinism and Roman Catholic Church. At the beginning of his career, from 1611 to 1613, Hoë von Hoënegg stayed in Prague as the head of local Lutheran community. His sermons written during this time are also in the centre of my interest because of the religious plurality in Bohemia before 1620 and Hoë´s capability to cope with the special religious atmosphere in these times. As Hoë had a very significant position at Dresden court, another aspect of my research is to shed light on how he constructed political sermons (politische Predigten).