Analytical Bibliography of Periodical Directories of the Holy Roman Empire and its Institutions

The 18th century saw the development and spread of a new type of periodical in Germany consisting mainly of lists of court officials, administrative staff, and members of the military in the different political entities. At first these annual publications were printed at the territorial level and mainly referred to as "court almanachs" ("Hofkalender") or "state almanachs" ("Staatskalender").

From the 1720's onward, directories of this kind were issued on the Imperial level, too. They registered either the members of the Holy Roman Empire as a whole or the personnel of its individual institutions, such as the Imperial Diet (Reichstag), the Imperial Circles (Reichskreise), the Imperial Knights (Reichsritterschaft) etc.

The Imperial series are the subject of the present research project. It comprises a complete bibliography, a quantitative study of their respective contents, and a sketch of their historical development placing the genre within the social and cultural context of the 18th century.


Volker Bauer: Repertorium territorialer Amtskalender und Amtshandbücher im Alten Reich: Adreß-, Hof-, Staatskalender und Staatshandbücher des 18. Jahrhunderts (Frankfurt am Main: Klostermann, 1997–2005).

Duration: 2003-2005
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Researcher: Dr. Volker Bauer
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