Autobiographical writings of the early modern age in the Herzog August Library. Digital edition of the diary of Herzog August d. J., repertory of autobiographical writings and research portal

Grafik: Hinz & Kunst, Braunschweig (unter Verwendung der Handschrift
Herzog August des Jüngeren)

“Selbstzeugnisse” are largely autobiographical writings, which for example include the genres: diary, autobiography, calendar, house book and travelogue. This area of research has broadly and interdisciplinary developed, because personal sources with their heterogeneous content are relevant and interesting for various scholars. Still, there is no generic research facility for these resources and the definition of autobiographical writings is not completed. The goal of this project is to locate, index and describe autobiographical documents of the early modern age and to make the results digitally accessible.

The project is divided into three work packages:

1. Publish the digital and first edition of the diary of Herzog August d. J. von Braunschweig-Lüneburg (1579-1666). This diary covers forty years of the Duke’s life and evolves a central source for the study of his person and his circle of acquaintances.
2. Build a digital repertory of autobiographical writings in the manuscripts held by the Herzog August Bibliothek. The scattered and heterogeneous catalogued texts are digitally documented and described.
3. Create an internet portal, which brings together the results of work package 1 and 2, as well as an introduction and research results of the project. It will allow easy access through intelligent search functions and an ergonomic design.

Project page Selbstzeugnisse HAB


Funding: PRO*Niedersachsen (MWK)
Duration: September 2014 – August 2017
Researcher: Inga Hanna Ralle
Phone: +49(0)5331-808-238, Fax -277