Cataloguing of the illuminated manuscripts of the Herzog August Bibliothek

Cod. Guelf. 81.17 Aug. 2° (f. 58v), Psalter from St. Bertin (9th cent.)

The aim of the project is to provide a modern catalogue of the illuminated manuscripts in Herzog August Bibliothek and to begin with the process of an art historical description of all kinds of illumination. In the first three years 150 illuminated manuscripts from the 6th to 12th centuries will be described. For most of them (Augustei, Gudiani, part of the Helmstadienses) there are only old descriptions of the 19th century available which do not match modern research requirements. The important group of Weissenburg (Alsace) manuscripts and other smaller groups are described in catalogues by H. Butzmann who however paid little attention to details of illumination. Only a rather small part has been catalogued according to the modern norms given by DFG (medieval Helmstedt manuscripts).

This is the first attempt to describe in full the miniatures and illuminations contained in the manuscripts. An exact analysis of the illuminations will allow to date and locate the manuscripts and the conditions of their production in a much better way than before. We expect 50 manuscripts to be described annually.

The catalogue will contain a preface, a bibliography and the usual indexes of names, places, iconographic details, quoted manuscripts etc. The cataloguing will be carried out in the XML markup language, format TEI-P5, updated by the cataloguing rules achieved in the project ‘Europeana Regia’. The XML-encoding of the manuscript descriptions provided by the author will be the basis for the printed catalogue and an online publication. It will also be documented in the online accessible local manuscript database of the HAB as well as the central database ‘Manuscripta Mediaevalia’.

List of manuscripts to be described (in preparation).



Funding: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft  (DFG)
Duration: February 2017 – January 2020
Researcher: Dr. Stefanie Westphal
Phone: +49-(0)5331-808-119, Fax -165