Cataloguing of the occasional publications Vitae Pomeranorum

Nicolaus Köppen, Sales nuptiales, 1647. Greifswald,
UB, 544/VP 90-1

In cooperation with the Greifswald University Library and the Agnes-Lohmann-Stiftung

The Vitae Pomeranorum is a comprehensive collection of occasional publications from the 16th to 18th century held by Greifswald University Library. They are being catalogued by the Herzog August Bibliothek as a centre of competence for rare-book cataloguing, while digitization is being carried out by Greifswald University Library. The project is being funded by the Agnes-Lohmann-Stiftung (Emmerthal).

Occasional publications are works printed for events like weddings, baptisms, birthdays or funerals as well as for academic events and anniversaries. As a rule, the number of copies printed was low and they were intended for the participants of the ceremony only. This is why such materials did not easily find their way into public archives. Nowadays, they are regarded as valuable sources for genealogical, prosopographical and historical research, as well as for literary and book history, because apart from biographical information and sermons they can also contain small literary works like epicedia.

The Greifswald collection relates mainly to people from Pomerania, Mecklenburg and Sweden. It contains 171 prints from the 16th, 5,531 from the 17th and 2,986 from the 18th century. Most of them are written in German and Latin (for both languages more than 4,000), furthermore there are 228 in Swedish and 9 in French.

Up to the present, the majority of works are only inadequately catalogued. The project aims to provide a machine-readable record of the collection in the Gemeinsamer Verbundkatalog (GBV) based on the high standards set by the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Alte Drucke at the Gemeinsamer Bibliotheksverbund (GBV) and in the national bibliographic databases VD 16, VD 17 and VD 18.

Greifswald University Library has a project page featuring books that have already been digitized:


Funding: Agnes-Lohmann-Stiftung (Emmerthal)
Duration: July 2016 – End of 2019 (continuing)
Contact: Dr. Hartmut Beyer, Christoph Boveland
Researcher: N.N.
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