Central Index of Digitized Imprints

More imprints have already been digitized in Germany than many users realize. In April 2005 the German Research Foundation began funding the establishment of a portal which will improve access to these holdings: The Central Index of Digitized Imprints (zvdd). The project partners are the AG Sammlung Deutscher Drucke (SDD) - in which group the HAB is responsible for the 17th century -, the Verbundzentrale des Gemeinsamen Bibliotheksverbundes (VZG) and the Hochschulbibliothekszentrum (hbz). Scattered, free digital material stemming from a variety of research projects will be collected and standardized.The goal is to provide fast and central access to digital collections, both to titles and single pages as well as to full texts. The portal can be found at


In addition, the library is engaged in the development of the so called DFG-Viewer. It is participating in the project as an integral part one of the four mass digitization projects of the German research foundation (see dünnhaupt digital). The aim is to design a software that allows a uniform presentation of digital reproductions created in DFG-funded projects. The Viewer receives its data from the library's OAI Schnittstelle (METS). XML-formats of the viewer and zvdd are bound to be compatible. The Viewer pops up whenever a user clicks on a link in the VD 17 (e.g. 23:278152X). It is also planned to use it for imprints of the library indexed in the zvdd. The website of the Viewer with information about the project and current developments is available here:



Funded by: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft 
Contact: Dr. Thomas Stäcker