Digital Portrait Index

Portrait of Duke August the Younger

Herzog August Bibliothek Portrait Catalogue

The aim of the project is to digitize approx. 200.000 graphical portraits from the early modern period (1450-1800) held in seven different public collections, to index them and to make them freely accessible via an electronic database hosted at Bildarchiv Foto Marburg. Indexing will be carried out using controlled vocabulary which will allow the integration of data into existing library and museum information infrastructures. The Digital Portrait Index will provide a new tool for the humanities to enable research to be conducted on persons, states, groups and events as well as on issues of functions and aesthetics, dissemination and reception of the portrait as one of the most important art genres of the epoch.

Within this project the Herzog August Bibliothek will contribute approx. 29.000 digital copies and metadata on its portrait collection catalogued by Peter Mortzfeld.




Funded by: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation)
Contact: Dr. Thomas Stäcker