Doctoral programme: Repositories of knowledge and arsenal of arguments. Functions of the library in the cultural centers of the early modern period

Stipendiatinnen und Stipendiaten der ersten Auswahlrunde im Juni 2015
in Wolfenbüttel

Joint Doctoral programme of the Interdisziplinäres Institut für Kulturgeschichte der Frühen Neuzeit (IKFN) at the University of Osnabrück and the Herzog August Library, funded by the State of Lower Saxony

A collection of books that deserve to be called library is always more than a random collection of books. One can consider a library as an almost endless historical reservoir of ideas, bearing testimony of stability and change of values and of the intellectual conflicts of the past. In the cultural centers of the early modern period, the library serves as a repository of knowledge as well as an arsenal of arguments used by the large and fierce controversies of the pre-modern period.

Stipendiatinnen und Stipendiaten der zweiten Auswahlrunde im Oktober 2015
in Wolfenbüttel

The doctoral programme focuses on this dynamic element regarding the library as an institution that seems static at first glance. The twelve doctoral students are doing their doctorate at the University of Osnabrück and work intensely with the collections of the HAB. Supervision is being provided by teams that consist of researchers both from the University of Osnabrück and the HAB.

Currently funded projects

Name Project Discipline
Isabelle Bosch Reception of literature related to the Querelle des femmes in the libraries of noble and urban middle class women in Germany Romance Philology
Katharina Therese Gietkowski Art literature in the collection of Duke Anton Ulrich (1633–1714) of Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel History of Art
Hanne Grießmann Library in a book ‒ Middle Low German prayerbooks of the Augustinian choir women from Marienberg near Helmstedt and Heiningen near Wolfenbüttel
German Literature
Katja Jensch The library of the Wismar Tribunal History
Katharina Koitz Dissent bodies. Illness as metaphor in devotional literature and theological controversy during the age of confession-building
Anna Lingnau The private library of the Brandenburg-prussian diplomatic agent and councillor Friedrich Rudolf von Canitz (1654-1699)
Tobias Schlingmann Hispanica Guelpherbytana – Spanish printed books from the collections of the HAB and their significance for cultural transfer between Spain and Germany Spanic Studies
Maria Schmiegelt-Unland The private library of Wolfgang Heriberg von Dalberg (1750–1806) German Philology
Rieke Schole The enemy within their own ranks: Engagement with the “other” confession in early-modern libraries History
Marco Yari Tarantino The Astrological Manuscripts of Hartmann Schedel Latin Philology
Christine Maria Vogl Reading, excerpting, writing. The role of libraries and written sources for the formation of Lessing’s Laokoon German Philology
Julian zur Lage A World in Books. Global Knowledge in 18th Century Libraries


Contact at HAB: Prof. Dr. Ulrike Gleixner
Phone: +49(0)5331-808-246, Fax -277
Contact at IKFN: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Adam (Osnabrück)
Funding: State of Lower Saxony, Doctoral programme
Duration: April 2015 – September 2018 (some dissertations are still pending)