dünnhaupt digital - digitization of imprints listed in the bibliography of Baroque authors by Gerhard Dünnhaupt including the bibliography of Fürstenwald/Woods

The aim of this project is to digitize of approximately 2000 imprints listed in the standard bibliography of Baroque authors by Gerhard Dünnhaupt (Stuttgart 1990-1993) and selected imprints from the bibliography Schriftstellerinnen, Künstlerinnen und gelehrte Frauen des deutschen Barock by Maria Fürstenwald und Jean Muir Woods. In the course of two years about 520.000 pages will be reproduced. The digitized items will be registered in VD 17 and the GBV union catalogue. Structural metadata will facilitate navigation. At least one edition of each work of the 200 authors recorded in Dünnhaupt will be digitized. The Gerhard Dünnhaupt's "Personalbibliographien" are seen as the key to the German literature of the Baroque period, as the most important authors are collected here. However, only very few of these works are available in modern editions. Many are now rare and available in just a few libraries. Within this digitization programme a corpus will be established which constitutes a nucleus for the complete digitization of the literature of the era. By focusing on the oeuvres of outstanding authors "collected works" will be provided which are most pertinent to research on Germanic literature and to the humanities in general.

Funded by: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)
Contact: Dr. Thomas Stäcker