Europeana Regia

Cod. Guelf. 14 Weiss., fol. 1v

A digital co-operative library of royal manuscripts in Medieval and Renaissance Europe - Manuscripts of the Herzog August Bibliothek

Europeana Regia will create a European corpus of digitised manuscripts, testimonies of the circulation of texts and art in Europe in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. A selection of representative collections, today spread between different Member States, has been chosen to focus on several important moments of the political, cultural and artistic history of Europe. It consists of three sub-projects, involving a total number of 874 manuscripts:

  1. „Bibliotheca Carolina“, focusing on the digitisation of 425 masterworks from the main abbeys and bishop schools of the Carolingian Empire (8th-9th centuries), including Reichenau, Saint-Denis, Corbie, Reims, Saint-Amand, Freising, Wissembourg. The manuscripts show the intellectual and artistic activity of these centres of religious life, ecclesiastical and imperial power, and their numerous exchanges of texts and patterns. The manuscripts digitised in Europeana Regia represent around 50 % of the total amount of Carolingian manuscripts preserved in Europe. The Herzog August Bibliothek will contribute 50 manuscripts to the project.
  2. The Library of King Charles V, the most outstanding royal collection of illuminated manuscripts from the 14th century, which was, thanks to the circulation of copies, at the heart of aristocratic culture in France, England, Flanders, and Burgundy (a total of 167 manuscripts).
  3. The Library of the Aragon Kings of Naples: this stupendous collection is a unique concentration of masterworks of French, Venitian, Napolitan, Lombard, and Spanish illumination. It is the symbol, beyond political frontiers, of the cultural unity of Europe (282 manuscripts in total).

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Funding: European Commission
Advisor: Dr. Christian Heitzmann 
Researchers: Marcus Baumgarten, Stefanie Gehrke, Torsten Schaßan