HAB 2.0

Collaborative cataloguing for a Wolfenbüttel gateway to early modern cultural history

As a research library specializing in medieval and early modern European cultural history the Herzog August Bibliothek (HAB) provides services for an international scholarly community from all historically oriented fields in the humanities. Its clientele includes not only academics making brief use of the holdings but also its own research staff and members of fixed-term research project groups with external funding, and participants in scholarly conferences held at the library. These groups are joined by the approximately 80 scholars per year who make extended visits to the library funded by the library's own international residential fellowship programmes and the ca. 120 scholars with outside funding who also form part of the programme. The purpose of the project is to make use of the competence and knowledge of this ever-changing scholarly community in order to improve national and transnational information services and at the same time to optimize local conditions for virtual research. The plan is to involve those scholars working at the library in its cataloguing processes in order to enhance the depth and quality of the content indexing of the Wolfenbüttel holdings - both of rare books and of secondary literature, whether monographs or articles. The results will be made available in the main library catalogue, which will thus evolve into an innovative information gateway for the cultural history of pre-modern Europe.


Financing: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)
Contact: David Maus