MASTER - Interface format for the description of medieval manuscripts

Cod. Guelf. 52 Helmst., fol. 15r

In Co-operation with the Fotoarchiv Marburg, the SB Berlin and the BSB München

Carried out as a cooperation of the Bildarchiv Foto Marburg, the SB Berlin and the BSB Munich, the project aims both at the further development of the software of the manuscript database Manuscripta Mediaevalia as well as at the development of a standard format for the description of medieval manuscripts based on the MASTER/TEI-P5-DTD. The project part carried out in Wolfenbüttel and Munich will result in an TEI-oriented interface format for manuscript descriptions according to the German Manuscript Cataloguing Guidelines ("Richtlinien Handschriftenkatalogisierung" [DFG 1992]"). For this purpose MASTER-Tags will be linked to the corresponding passages of the "Richtlinien", and a comprehensive collection of cataloguing examples will be put together, which will make it easier to apply MASTER. These examples will be taken from the Wolfenbüttel DFG project Catalogue of Helmstedt manuscripts.

XSLT-scripts will be developed to help users to apply MASTER in local internet and print versions as well as to ensure central access to catalogue records. The initial focus will be on the creation of HTML-versions for web publications. PDF-files for print and converting tools for the Handschriftendatenbank will be developed at a later stage. First prototype versions are already available (s. below). MASTER functions as a general interface-format to meet local, national and international demands.


Funding: HAB
Duration: permanent task
Researchers: Torsten Schaßan, M.A. (Wolfenbüttel), Dr. Bettina Wagner, Karl Märker (München)
Phone: +49(0)5331-808-130, Fax -165