VD 17 Mainstream-Literature

Digitization of 17th-century "mainstream literature" included in the VD17 - a step towards the complete digitalization of the VD 17 database

The project is part of the master plan for the digitization of the VD 17 database, which aims at the complete conversion of all titles found in the VD 17 into digital form. The digital copies will be available via the VD 17 database as a central point of access. This project makes a substantial contribution to the complete digitization of printed German cultural heritage.

The objective of this three-year project is to digitize a total of 5,000 German imprints found in the VD 17 database. The corpus of works selected will consist of the most important and broadly disseminated titles of 17th century literature, for which a high research relevance and representative nature can be assumed. An indicator of which works should be subsumed under the term "mainstream" the location of at least one copy in the holdings of at least three of the libraries participating in the VD17.

The master plan under which the digitization of "mainstream literature" will operate is a collaboration among four libraries each of which will digitize 5,000 works during the course of the project. Together with the HAB Wolfenbüttel these libraries are the SLUB Dresden, the SUB Göttingen and the ULB Halle.

Following the example of mass digitization projects that have already taken place, the Herzog August Bibliothek will digitize approximately 750,000 pages in the course of the project. It will enhance the digital copies with structural metadata for navigational purposes and make them accessible via the VD 17 database and the union catalogue of the GBV.

Digitized imprints

PURL: http://diglib.hab.de/?link=038

Funding: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)
Duration: March 2012 – February 2016
Contact: Dr. Thomas Stäcker
Phone: +49(0)5331-808-303, Fax -173